Arowanas luck

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Arowanas Luck is a fun and rewarding slot machine game, where you can win money by matching up three different colored fish. The slot features a single payline, and the goal is to get three full fish across the reels. You can win a lot by matching up all five fish symbols on the reels. The symbols include the rainbow, blue, red, and gold fish. The lowest paying symbol is a mixed fish, which is any colour combination within the three parts of the body.

The game has one payline, and the aim is to match three consecutive symbols to win. The best symbols in the game are the rainbow fish, which can award you a big payout of 4440 coins if you can match three adjacent ones. The rainbow fish can also help you to win big – you can score a high payout by matching three of them along a payline. The jackpot for this game can go up to a whopping 40,000 coins.

Arowanas Luck is a game of chance. You have to land at least three identical fish to win. The winning combination must be the same colour as the one that landed on the previous payline. Unlike many other slot games, the fish can be any color. This game is available to online casinos worldwide. However, if you do not know where to find it, check out a casino near you.