Jacks or better double up

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The Jacks Or Better Double Up casino game is a variation on video poker. It consists of five cards, each with a colour. A player has to correctly guess which cards will be higher or lower. Any correct guesses will double the player’s winnings. If he or she guesses incorrectly, the player will lose all winnings. The player can collect any winnings they have won by betting their money on one of the other two outcomes.

The first step in playing the Jacks Or Better Double Up casino game is to set your bet. This will then determine the number of active hands. When you win, you will be rewarded for every active hand. If you have two jacks, you will be awarded one of the five possible combinations. When you win, you can collect your winnings as is, or gamble it and try to make more wins.

The second step is to choose your hands. You will be asked to choose red or black to guess the colour of the next card. If you guess correctly, your winnings will be doubled. If you get more than one right, you can continue to double up. As long as you are able to correctly guess the colour of the cards, you’ll continue to win. The maximum bet is twenty-five cents per hand.