Viking smash

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Viking Smash is an exciting online video slot launched in Mayorus 2010 by, which has a totally new layout, which includes: “Vsikings”. Viking Smash is an exciting new online slot that promises to be a game changer and a real pleasure to play. The aim of Viking Smash is to try and collect as many coins as possible by performing certain actions such as smashing objects, or bonus icons. When you perform these actions you not only get coins, but also bonuses and in-game items.

The theme of the game is based on Norse Mythology and the Vikings, who created the game have incorporated this in their design. For example, there is a background picture of the land of the Vikings with flames coming from the Viking settlement and smoke from their cooking smelting processes. The game also has a very authentic theme tune which features the themes from “lords of the stone” and “lord of the ocean”. There are two modes in Viking Smash: Single player and Multiplayer.

The single player game mode, as its name suggests, is for one player to engage in a single game session against the computer, and the player has a map customised specifically for his own play space. In this game, the only object is to score as many points as possible. The game is played on standard slots and it is possible to change the game to other slot games easily. This version of Viking smash has been programmed with a random number generator (RNG), which will ensure that each time the machine spins it will come up with a different result. It is possible, with careful play, to come up with unique outcomes, and with enough tries the player may achieve the ultimate goal of getting every coin in the Viking land. In multiplayer mode, a player can either play against the computer or another live player, although there are currently no plans to enable this feature in the single player version of Viking Smash.